WPMU DEV Is About To Turn 100! (WoooooHoooooooooooo!!!!)

Customizing WPMU with almost 100 unique & beautiful plugins!

Customizing WPMU with almost 100 unique & beautiful plugins!

Here are official stats (that trigger celebration + that WPMU Dev should be proud of):

At the moment, there are 72 plugins, 9 themes (for BuddyPress, bbPress, WPMU and regular old WordPress), 10 videos + language packs.

We’ve been using WMU Dev addons since the moment we launched Seo Blog, back in ’05 (most important plugin-of-all being Multi DB, which allowed us to scale mySQL backend, delivering users to more than 1 mySQL database/server – that doesn’t come by default with WP MU, no matter that it is crucial for everyone; but remember – there are many many more, quite useful I might add – and specially free ones – so don’t think that you cant get anything for yourself/your users if you don’t have enough money to go Premium!) = only word I can say, aside of¬† Congrats! is: Thanks!

Over years, their site evolved so much, introducing many (upgraded/new) WPMU-specific plugins/themes and features unavailable elsewhere, so today WPMU Dev (Premium or not) is simply the best (re)source to customize your WPMU site, better than official WPMU site (period)

..but you already know that, right?
Cause if you dont, you might also like the fact that they recently launched WP MU installation service (under that cute wp.mu domain), as well as affiliate program for it = if you don’t have WP MU site to play with their addons – why not get one with ALL premium plugins preinstalled?

Congrats once again & of course –

Happy 100th, WPMU Dev!

Happy 100th, WPMUDev!

Fellowship (that made everything  possible!):
, FF Addons
+ Keyword Research and Threadless coupon

We love those sites! -
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