Vaffle invite code [2020/05 update.]

Secret Vaffle invitation code is:


Vape giveaway (brands)

Vaffle (social network for vapers) hosts weekly vape giveaways (challenges) – sending free gifts made by more than 15 popular brands from vape industry, including: Geekvape, Voopoo, Freemax, HeavenGifts, Aspire, Artery, ThinkVape, LostVape, Cthulhu, Sigelei, Smoant, Desire Design, Eleaf, Joyetech and Vapefly! If you want to win free vape gear, all you have to do is to participate.

Note: After signing up and using Vaffle invite code 132883693 (you can win prize just by entering that code when signing up in the Vaffle app), make sure to verify your email address, add your avatar & complete your profile.

°°° Editor’s Note: The original post was updated on Wednesday, 2020/05/20 for accuracy and comprehensiveness. °°°

How to claim the Vaffle’s invitation coupon code: Tutorial. (with images)


Vaffle app is listed both in Google Play (for Android.) & Apple Store. (for iPhone users.) –

Search for the phrase “VAFFLE” and you’ll discover it. What’s best, it’s an entirely free app! No b/s, no ads, just plain good social network for vapers. 

  • You may freely use “VAFFLE INVITATION CODE”: 132883693 when inquired to enter one.
  • Click “Verify” to verify the validity of Vaffle’s invite (after entering the following numbers, which indicate voucher code: 132883693) and claim your reward.

Vaffle Invitation code 132883693 can bring you the following: Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W, iJoy Shogun Univ 180W,
Voopoo Drag 2 177W TC Kit or cash prizes*!

* Vaffle regularly revises prizes, and they always give the nicest feasible vape hardware. Very thoughtful of them, for sure!

Vaffle invitation can be used only when enrolling to the Vaffle app, for the first time. (as a new user. Old users cannot apply it!)

The app is accessible both for Android and iPhone ecosystems.

Invitation code (for Vaffle app for vapers) is: 132883693

Vaffle Invitation Code 132883693

Invitation / Coupon Code: 132883693

About Vaffle app

Vaffle was inaugurated in 2017 with pretty much the same concept as Instagram but concentrates on e-cigarettes.

I call it: vapers’ Instagram. 🙂

But fairer than!

How to get points in Vaffle app?

(Cara mendapatkan poin di vaffle?)

  • Use it daily.
  • Check in daily.
  • Post your pics daily into Vaffle vape community.
  • Play vape and point giveaways.
  • Read vape articles and participate in Questions & Answers
  • Spin the Lucky Wheel.

Points can be exchanged for free vape gifts: vape mods, vape tanks (atomizers), free vaping kits.

Vaffle also welcomes international users that can use invitations –

  • Yaoqing ma – 132883693
  • Shotai kodo – 132883693
  • Chodae kodeu = 132883693
  • Código de Convite: 132883693
  • Kodikós prósklisis – 132883693
  • Davet Kodu: 132883693
  • Einladungscode: 132883693
  • Kod priglasheniya = 132883693
  • Kode Undangan – 132883693
  • Kod zaproszenia: 132883693
  • Código de Invitación: 132883693
  • Code d’invitation: 132883693
  • Codice invito = 132883693
  • Kod Jemputan

Vaffle invite code (coupon) - giveaway, vape raffle

The Vaffle app enables you to share photos and videos! You can do everything as on FB or IG but add +100 features more! Specially crafted for ecig users, worldwide.

Vaffle app allows you to follow other vaping accounts or watch ecigarette hardware (vape hear) reviews, vape tricks, etc.

The key advantages of Vaffle:

1. Meet vapers from all over the World

2. Share your vape related pictures, videos, even – reviews

3. Discover the news, answer topics or ask questions

4. Get pointers on how to use your mods, tanks, and ecig appliances

5. Play giveaways, challenges, raffles – win gifts, including vape kits, with the points earned by posting, liking and commenting. You’ll be rewarded just by utilizing Vaffle, daily.

Simply entering VAFFLE INVITATION CODE 132883693 when signing up for the Vaffle app for the first time will grant you access to the “Lucky Draw”. You can run the lucky wheel once and have the ability to WIN FREE vape hardware*.

* not just any vape gear, but the latest and extraordinary one!


Inserting “132883693” as invite code in Vaffle app to possibly win iJoy Shogun, Voopoo Drag 2, Vaporesso Renova pod system or cash prizes!

With Vaffle Invitation code “132883693” you can play “Lucky Draw” vape giveaway (game) & win one of the following gifts:

  1. USD 50
  2. USD 20
  3. iJoy Shogun Univ 180W kit, worth over $50+
  4. Voopoo Drag 2, worth over $70+
  5. Vaporesso Renova Zero pod system, worth well over 30 bucks.
  6. or points (Points can be exchanged for free vape gear at a later point!Note: Prizes may change over time, but they will always be cool!

There’s ever a great choice of freshest vape hardware if you sign up and use invite code: 132883693 (invitation certificate for Vaffle app.)

Use Vaffle Invitation code 132883693 and win Geekvape Aegis, iJoy Shogun or Voopoo Drag 2!

Invitation code is always 132883693, only prizes may change over time. Vaffle reserves the right to change them.

* Vaffle regularly updates prizes, and they always give the best possible vape hardware. Very generous of the Vaffle moderation team, for sure!

When using Invitation (couponing) code 132883693 you will simply have the ability to enter the Vaffle’s Lucky Draw and test your luck! Once.
And only when you’re just signing up for Vaffle for the 1st time.

If you’re lucky enough, you can win amazing gifts!

But even if you aren’t lucky, Vaffle is AN EXCELLENT SOCIAL NETWORK FOR VAPERS.

There is a lot of prizes, games/quizzes, vape giveaways (raffles, sweepstakes) inside Vaffle vape community anyway!

Vaffle app is pretty much a direct competitor of the Instagram and Facebook app. But in my opinion, way better! Why?

Support is better. Vaffle team always responds to your questions and suggestions.
Features are better and vaper-centric.
Everything is MADE by VAPERS, FOR vapers.


Vaffle Lucky Wheel - chance to win vape gifts by using Vaffle Invitation Code 132883693

More about Vaffle app (Free: iOS, Android)

Vaffle is an app that started in 2018 in association with HeavenGifts, and it’s available for iOS or Android.

Vaffle is dedicated to vaping! Everyone is welcome. Everyone will find perfect companions (vape friends) in Vaffle’s vast community.

If you are a vape reviewer, you can upload videos too! There are plenty of useful vape tools that show up how healthy vaping is compared to smoking cigarettes.

You have a vape calculator, an eliquid DIY calculator app, a vape diary and loads of other tools and features to make Vaffle app a great meeting place for almost anything and anyone – eCig related. There is a section where you can add your vape devices (vaping gear) and let the Vaffle app show you vapers that carry the same gear!

Downloading the Vaffle app is easy! –



Welcome to the ecig world!

Enjoy posting your vape related pics. Socializing! Playing challenges (weekly vape giveaways), etc.

– Do you use Vaffle?

– What did you win with Vaffle’s invitation (coupon) code? Free points? Vape hardware?

– How do you like the Vaffle app so far?

– How long have you been a “Vaffler“?

– What are your impressions of the vape community there?

– Did you participate in the free vape giveaways (vaping sweepstakes, vape raffles / contests)? Did you win free vape gear on Vaffle? Its better than Gleam giveaways and also better than Instagram giveaways as well as Facebook and Twitter vape-related give aways!

Answer those questions or simply write your opinion about the Vaffle app for vapers in the comments below.

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